Andrey Milekhin to "Profile": Russians are switching to domestic manufacturers

21 July 2022
The foreign brands' leaving had a considerable impact of Russians' buying behavior, told "Profile" the founder of M Holding, the President of Romir Research Company Andrey Milekhin.

Since the special operation start, numerous foreign brands announced their exit from Russia, but not everyone slammed the door. Some quickly created a temporary brand and continues trading, and some sold the assets with recourse and is waiting for the conflict to end.

According to Andrey Milekhin, agio in Russians passes, and many Russians are gradually switching to domestic manufacturers.

"Foreign manufacturers made it to gain the Russian consumer's authority, and people loved them for quality and range. The share of McDonalds customers did not transfer to competitors after the company's exit, but were waiting for the opening under the alternative name. Numerous goods under the foreign brand were manufactured on our territory, from domestic raw materials, by our staff", the expert emphasized.

The weekly M Pulse monitoring in early spring proved the high demand on durables because people were buying in.

"However, we overcame more than one crisis wave, and learned to adapt to the situation. Rebuilding the diet of consumer habits is a manageable task. The large share of the Russian market is taken by domestic manufacturers and networks that are quite competitive", Andrey Milekhin is convinced.