HistoryToday In 2020, the leading independent research network with the flagship company Romir is merging under the common brand Mile Group. The group of companies focuses on an integrated approach to the study of human based on scientific methods. In 2022, with the expansion of activities, the group of companies is rebranded and transformed into M-Holding. New directions of M-Holding provide detailed and regular monitoring of the impact of the socio-economic situation on a person, his behavior, consumption, plans and expectations.
History2010-2019 Research company Romir is included in the TOP-100 rating of research agencies in the world. Romir is the largest private research company in Central and Eastern Europe. During these years, the company's unique development, the research scan panel Romir Consumer Scan Panel, has been expanding. QR technologies are being introduced to automate the process of collecting data on human behavior. In 2017, the media panel Romir Single Source Panel is launched with the ability to measure the media consumption of Russians. A year later, Romir begins work on the calibration, verification and integration of big data.
History2000-2009 Romir Monitoring is being created, which includes companies specializing in political (ARPI), socio-psychological (NISPI) and media research (AIST), as well as the agency for studying the Internet audience Monitoring.ru. The merger of companies made it possible to form the most powerful regional research network and infrastructure. The holding has relied on innovative technologies and products, such as consumer scan panels. In 2007, the Romir Consumer Scan Panel team was launched.
History1990-1999 In the 90s, the Romir research company played a significant role in the development of the domestic research market, which needed new unique solutions. Romir was one of the first to study the Internet audience. In the late 90s, the direction of mystery shopping was opened, and the National Institute for Socio-psychological Research (NISPI), the Agency for Social and Broadcasting Research (AIST) and the Agency for Regional Political Studies (ARPI) were formed.
History1987-1989 The group of companies has been leading its history since 1987. The first Soviet research cooperative "Potential" was opened. Two years later, the research center Romir was created. The first stage in the development of the Russian research market was factory sociology, conflictology, and the study of a rapidly changing society. Romir has become a center of international contacts with the world's largest research networks, providing international standards of the quality of work.



Scientific partnerships

In 2016, the agreement was signed on cooperation with Higher School of Modern Social Sciences of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. It provides for conduct of joint scientific research, conferences, workshops, joint expert activities under actual issues of the modern Russian society development, maintaining direct contacts between the organization employees and work in other directions.
A. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry I. has been and remains one of the leaders of higher medical education, being one of te largest educational and medical and practical center in the country and in Europe. Since 2022, Doctor of Sociology, the founder of М Holding Andrey Milekhin has been the Professor of A. I. Yevdokimiv University.
Romir is a member of the Council of Industrial Partners of Higher School of Economy and Business of G. V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The subdivision was incorporated on February 9, 2022 based on several leading departments of the university. The Higher School of Economy and Business trains specialists both for scientific and research and for practical activities in various fields of national and international economy.