Romir is the largest independent research holding, focusing on marketing, media, social and economic research. Romir provides a full range of research at different markets and facets, focusing on economic behavior research.

Wave research based on a real measurement of public sentiment. The M-Pulse project mission is to ensure operational monitoring of the impact of the current socio-economic situation on humans, their behavior, plans and expectations. The research deliverables are available in a variety of formats.

The synergy of unique technologies, profound expertise in trends and consumer market conditions allows researchers to create professional analytical solutions for businesses that boost the performance of marketing planning, implementation, effects’ evaluation and forecasting

Introduces the People Data Technology (PDT), a unique technology to analyze and predict human behavior. PDT-based data verification and enrichment allows researchers to streamline BIG DATA and ensure constant monitoring of the needs of real human beings for personal targeting of consumers and predicting their probable future behavior.

Focused on human-related research and how to build value from people’s brand experience. It uses unique technologies to develop CRM and platform solutions that allow addressing a wide range of business tasks to consolidate communications and boost business processes efficiency.

Out-of-the-box solutions for businesses to manage their services as efficiently as possible at consumer touch points, including POS census, wave tracking of product on-shelf presence, price monitoring, category trend tracking, sales team quality audit, retail audit.